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About Back to Herbs

Back to Herbs has been at 2425 Haley Street since 1982. We have a staff   here to help assist you in finding good health and preventive solutions.. We can recommend products and services for children and adults.  We offer Energy Spa foot detox baths. We can use kinesiology to find what your body prefers in products. We also see clients by appointments and use Iridology and kinesiology to set custom programs for you. If weight-loss is what you are looking for we also have a BMI machine that we can see where your BMI is and set a program for you.


Help others help themselves


We have  a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Certified Nutritional counseling, Certified health specialist, Certified Natural Health Practitoner

Encapsulated Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals, Weight-loss and more...

services Include



Foot Detox Bath

Homeopathic (custom for emotions)

BMI testing